To Whom We Address:

  • PRIVATES: Families that intend to buy for rent or for use.
    Many privates chose to buy for rent having profits starting
    from 5%. Properties taxation in malta is very convenient as
    there isn’t any property tax such as IMU in Italy.
  • BUSINESSES: Companies that want to buy or rent
    commercial properties, offices, sheds, hotels in Malta.Malta
    is having an important economical growth which is attracting retailers and international brands, interested in opening any kind of branches on the island. Hotel chains interested in opening new hotels in Malta, which in year 2017 has i
    ncreased tourist presences by 30%, and logistic businesses
    interested in buying or renting warehouses.
  • INVESTORS: Companies and investment funds interested
    in investing on the real estate market in Malta, which is
    returning great results, and will keep having great growth
    indexes in the incoming years. We have many properties
    rented to international companies with interesting annuities.

Our Offer:

  • Market analysis and research.
  • Providing best investment solutions on the island.
  • Support in all phases of negotiation till the final deed of sale.